• Prof Peter Wiklund

    Bladder Cancer, Robotics, Cystectomy/Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai, USA

  • Dr Peter Wiklund is Professor of Urology, Department of Urology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Director of the Bladder Cancer Program of the Mount Sinai Health System. Prior to his appointment at Mount Sinai, Dr Wiklund was Chair, Urology and Molecular Medicine and Surgery, and Professor, Urology, at the Karolinska Instutet, Stockholm, Sweden. Dr Wiklund pioneered the robot-assisted cystectomy with totally intracorporeal neobladder procedure in 2003 and subsequently built the leading cystectomy program at Karolinska Institute. Dr Wiklund has performed more than 3,000 robotic operations and has extensive experience in advanced pelvic oncological surgery in patients where the tumor is growing on several pelvic organs (multi-organ tumor, bladder, prostate, colorectal, ovarian, and uterine). Dr Wiklund is Chairman of the scientific working group of the European Urology Robotic Section of the European Association of Urology and is an international member of the American Urological Association. He has been chairman of many international courses on bladder cancer and prostate cancer surgery.