• Mandi Kayes

    Men’s Health Nurse Specialist/Coloplast, UK

  • Mandi Kayes practised, for more than 15 years, as a Clinical Nurse Practitioner at University College London Hospital and St Peter’s Andrology Centre in Harley street specialising in andrology, penile cancer and gender surgery.

    She left her career in London in 2013 to become a mum and to also, eventually, support her Urology Consultant husband in his career in Leeds. She worked in uro-oncology at St James’ Hospital, Leeds, where she was the lead nurse for penile cancer patients and then in 2015 took up her role as private practice manager and Clinical Nurse Specialist for Leeds Urology.

    Her practice experience includes setting up and running andrology (male sexual health problems) clinics at University College London Hospital, St Peter’s Andrology Centre and establishing nurse-led services for patients at St James’ Hospital in Leeds. She has worked closely with some of the UK’s leading surgeons in providing seamless continuity of care and counselling to patients and their partners undergoing end-stage treatments (Penile Prosthesis) through pre-, peri- and post-operative care.

    More recently, Mandi has joined the UK Coloplast team as their resident Men’s Health Nurse Specialist. This role has enabled her to re-connect with specialist nurses within the UK and beyond, who are helping couples make informed choices with regards to their ED treatments. She has helped to improve patient access to information in the form of a new UK-dedicated website, called ED Solutions, and new country-specific information leaflets. She is currently in the process of setting up nurse-led forums, to bring different specialties together to share best practice and build care pathways, in the treatment of men with ED.